NC22: Henry Fonda - Anti-Nationale Front LP

uitgebracht 2017/02/17

Met 8 jaar chaos op hun naam, is HENRY FONDA een gestage kracht binnen het DIY microsmos geworden en heeft het wereldwijd erkenning gekregen van fans van snelle, korte en agressieve muziek. "Het Antinationale Front", hun tweede langspeler neemt wederom geen gevangenen en is een 16 minuten lang manifest van net onder de 15 minuten dat hun liefde met brute krachtgeweld en furieuze HD/Punk met scrams en sludge stukken in de mix hebben weten te gooien. En omdat HENRY FONDA altijd een groep vrienden is geweest die over dingen praten die hun boos maken, is "Het Antinationale Front" een album dat huidige onderwerpen behandelt, zoals het stijgen van racisme wereldwijd, de "verkeerde" hardcore, hedonisme, escapisme en persoonlijke problemen.

Anti-Nationale Front "Mailorder Edition"
350grams Hoes inclusief tekstvel en opnaaiembleem
Ontwerp door Hugues/PZZL
100 op zwart

NC22: Henry Fonda - Front Antinational LP

released 2017/02/17

With eight years of chaos under their belt, HENRY FONDA has become a steady force in the european DIY hardcore microcosm and has been gaining recognition worldwide from fans of fast, short & extreme music. 'Front Antinational', their 2nd full lenght again takes no prisoners and is a 16 song manifest in under 15 minutes, that combines their love for brutal powerviolence and furious HC/Punk with scramz and sludge pieces thrown into the mix. And since HENRY FONDA has always been a group of friends, who speak about things that pisses them off: 'Front Antinational" is an album that deals with current topics like the rise of racism all over the world, the 'wrong' hardcore, hedonism/escapism and personal issues.

Front Antinational "Regular Black Edition"
350g Cover, printed Innersleeves, DIN A1 Poster
Artwork by Ricaletto & Hugues/PZZL
800 on black w/ white silkscreenprint

Front Antinational "Regular White Edition"
350g Cover, printed Innersleeves, DIN A1 Poster
Artwork by Ricaletto & Hugues/PZZL
200 on white w/ black silkscreenprint

NC21: Âge Noir - Le Grand Sommeil CS

released 07/04/2016

Abrasive and disorienting sonic maelstrom distillation of hardcore punk, ÂGE NOIR’s guitars riff lacerations, tempo spasms, and inhuman vocal retching, this Grand Sommeil cuts through the noise & ÂGE NOIR took hardcore into very strange, startling directions.

Le Grand Sommeil CS
custom cardboard covers w/ bank wrapper
Artwork by Hugues/PZZL
100 on black
sold out

co-release w/ Gafas del Rigor

NC20: Drux / Veuve S.S. - Split E.P. 7"

released on 07/04/2016

"We don’t fake it, we just take it…" - Madball, 1994

Straight ahead 80s style influenced hardcore filled with punching mid tempo parts, showing hints of classic Boston style whilst adding a touch of NY Hardcore. On top of that DRUX have some really amazing deep and gnarly vocals. Theses are throughout a hardcore record side!

"I never even thought about whether or not they understand what I'm doing ... the emotional reaction is all that matters as long as there's some feeling of communication, it isn't necessary that it be understood." - John Coltrane

VEUVE S. S. unleash another eruption of fetid hardcore punk bile that is as unsettling as it is compelling.

Drux / Veuve S.S. Split
pro-printed six panel 7" covers
Artwork by Hugues/PZZL
300 on clear red

NC16: Henry Fonda - Deutschland, Du Täter! CS

released 05/24/2016

Henry Fondas first full length finally on tape, which means 2 times 18 songs within 15 minutes, means 30 minutes! 18 songs between Powermetal, Thrashcore & Powerviolence against society, tough guy shit & slim pride. Nothing more to add. Period. And beware!

Deutschland, Du Täter! "Lefty Edition"
die-cut cardboard covers
150 on black
sold out